Bridge Creek Reserve Newsletter – Summer 2016

Bridge Creek Reserve Newsletter – Summer 2016

ACCOUNT BALANCE AS OF JUNE 14, 2016: $5,225.62

Street Signs

One of our Coleman Way street signs was stolen last month. We have purchased a new one and received it, but it hasn’t yet been installed due to damage to hardware on the pole. It will be installed as soon as the repairs are completed. Also, our entry sign received a fresh coat of paint and a utility light was added at our entrance, so that visibility is greater.

Trash and Yard Disposal

As of now, garbage is collected twice weekly. (Monday/Thursday). Residential Trash (limbs, leaves, grass clippings) on Friday. Have garbage out no earlier than 7:00am on scheduled days. Putting your trash out early is unsightly and attracts wild animals and stray cats.

*You may have been the BLUE TRACH CANS around town. Our neighborhood is on the list to receive them when the city’s next fiscal year starts in October. More info to come on later.

Lawn Maintenance

Your home is an investment and keeping your yards in pristine condition requires time and effort! Yard appearance is one of the most noticeable aspects of our community’s appearance; poorly maintained yards have the potential to significantly detract from our neighborhood’s value. Please cut your grass regularly, trim bushes, edge curbs, fertilize, and lay weed control. Don’t be an eyesore for your neighbors!

*Also, don’t let your newspaper pile up by your curb/lawn. It is very unsightly!

Traffic and Children

Children are playing in the streets and we must be mindful of their presence when we drive to and from our homes. As parents, we must also remind our children to look out for traffic and adhere to playing in yards and on sidewalks. Reminder: The speed limit is 25mph, so please slow down!!!

Roads and Paving Projects

The roads in our neighborhood should have been paved with their topcoat several years ago when the building completion was at 80%. This was never done! So, we have been working all year with J.C. Brown Construction and the Mayor’s office to get this project completed. This is necessary to be done so that our neighborhood can be accepted by the city council for maintenance and other city services.


This is a constant problem and burdensome occurrence within our community. If you must park in the street for a temporary time, please refrain from parking in your neighbor’s front yard and ensure you’re not aligned of the opposite driveway. You entered into a contractural agreement with our HOA to abide by it’s covenants. As your representative we are required to enforce rules and legally obligated to do so as well… Please help us with observing our parking rules.


WE have previously given written notices out to residents that need to purchase new mailbox numbers and there are still a few that are still in need of them. You may get them to Imperial Mailbox in Millbrook. They are $15.00 for the set and should last approximately 7 years. If you rent, please notify your property manager and relay this information.

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