January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

january newsletter

Bridge Creek Reserve Homeowners Association Newsletter

Account Balance as of January 4, 2016: $1,969.42
Projected Funds for 2016: $4,800.00

Property Lien on Delinquent Dues

If you are delinquent on paying dues for the past years, the HOA may take out a lien on your property.  Charges could include: unpaid dues, interest, and reasonable costs such as attorney and filing fees.  We are willing to work with you and if a hardship is present, please let us know so we can work out a reasonable resolution.

HOA Fees:

HOA dues for 2016 will be $75 for the year.  95% of neighbors agreed to the increase to cover our current expenses and some needed improvements/services.  Invoices will be provided to each residence. As of now you will be able to pay your dues using PayPal on our website. Using this option will allow us and you to keep enhanced tracking of payments and provide a receipt for this year’s dues.  A surcharge of $1.50 (2% of the transaction amount) from PayPal will be added if you choose to use this option.  Dues are due by 29 February.


We now have a BCR website! Thanks to Mrs. Sonya Telfair (awesome lady with many talents), you will now be able to view new and past newsletters, meeting minutes, contact info for your elected board members, download our bylaws/covenant, and make dues payments.

PO Box:

Our NEW P.O. Box is [PO Box 680544, Prattville, AL 36068].  This address can now be used if you’d like to mail in your HOA dues.  Make checks payable to: Bridge Creek Reserve HOA.

Our Streets:

Our Vice President has made contact with the Prattville City Engineer to make some repairs to our curbs and to finish paving areas of our roads. We also requested painting our entry way to make it safer for entering and departing our neighborhood; no estimated completion date has been given.

Entry Signs

A vendor will be refurbishing the entry signs once the weather is favorable.  This will include sanding, priming, and repainting.  Projected completion: Spring 2016.

Modification of By-Laws

Modification to the By-Laws are on the agenda for 2016.  Please call one of your reps if you’re willing to participate on this special committee.  Start date will be February and funds to accomplish this will be required.  Your help is appreciated.


Please drive slow in our neighborhood.  Children playing in the streets has increased and several close call incidents have been reported.  SLOW DOWN!!!  WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!  Measures will be made to ensure vehicles/drivers obey this simple and safe request.

Yard Cleanup

Are your yards looking good?  It won’t be long before spring is upon us and our lawn mowers will be at it again.  We want to thank you for keeping your yards and bushes trimmed, edged, and weeded.

Thank you for your support! If you need any assistance concerning the BCR HOA, please feel free to contact one of your representatives below.