News Update – July 14, 2016

News Update – July 14, 2016

Greetings Neighbors,


We need to address school traffic and parking within our BCR community.  As most of you are aware, school will be starting back very soon and with this comes school buses and students cutting thru our neighborhood in the morning and afternoon.  We have contacted the high school and requested they address the students on their speed and we have also talked with police chief Mr. Mark Thompson, to have our police force monitor traffic.  Hopefully, this will elevate some traffic and speed concerns in our area.

Last, not not least, we all need to do our best to keep our vehicles off our streets!  I have witnessed several close calls of moving vehicles getting too close to parked cars.  I’ve also seen vehicles entering our entryway at high speeds with several near misses with oncoming traffic.  It’s also a nuisance to have to weave in between cars while driving in our community.  Therefore, according to our declaration, the following will be followed:

4.1  No boat, boat trailer, house trailer, camper or similar equipment or vehicle shall be parked in public view or stored on any road, street, or driveway located in the subdivision for any period of time in excess of 48 hours, except in garages or on the rear part of the Lot.  Also, no unkept or otherwise unattractive vehicle or piece of equipment may be parked or stored on any road, street, driveway, yard, or lot except in garages.  The statement “in public view” shall be determined and/or interpreted by the Committee.

4-1-1.  Vehicle Parking: Vehicle parking on the street in front of houses shall be limited to temporary parking of guest or resident vehicles in current use and currently licensed.  All other vehicles must be parked in garages or in driveways.  Vehicle parking in non-paved areas shall not be permitted in any event.

4-1-3.  Additional Remedies for Vehicle and/or Recreational Equipment Violations:  Any such vehicle or recreational equipment parked in violation of the restrictions contained herein or in violation of the rules and regulations now or hereafter adopted by the Association or the Committee may be towed away at the direction of the Association or the Committee, at the sole expense of rht eowner of such vehicle or recreational equipment, if the violation of said restrictions remains for a period of more than 24 hours and if the owner of such vehicle or recreational equipment receives notice of the towing of such vehicle before the towing occurs.

Neither the Association nor the Committee shall be liable to the owner of such vehicle or recreational equipment, nor to the respective Lot owners, for trespass, conversion or otherwise, nor shall the Association of the Committee be guilty of any criminal or quasi criminal act by reason of such towing, and neither the removal nor the failure to remove any such vehicle or recreational equipment, nor the failure of the owner to receive any notice of said violation, shall be grounds for relief of any type.  The foregoing remedy is in addition to any other remedy which may exist whether at law or in equity.

We will speak to those who are in violation personally to resolve any parking issues.  If violation continues an the vehicle is not removed or continues to be parked in the street, a certified letter will be sent to notify our option of towing the vehicle.  We’re hoping this option will never have to be used.  We’re always willing to discuss parking and any other concerns you may have.  Our number one goal is to provide a safe neighborhood and do our best to respect you and our association.

Patrick Browning, BCR HOA President
Leslie Vaughn, BCR HOA Vice President