Newsletter March 2017

MARCH 2017


Please visit us at You will not be able to access our NEWLY REVISED HOA Declaration & Covenant.  Please print yourself a copy and get familiar with our modified rules.  Please take note that violations will now result with a warning FIRST, then in a FINE, if the problem isn't correct.


Thank you for getting your fees to us within the collection period. Any dues not paid by the deadline of 28 February will result in a LATE FEE of $10 for each month they are not paid.


Our HOA was approached by a new pest control company to this area names S&S Termite & Pest Control. Included with your newsletter was their business card, brochure, and a letter explaining their services and discounts that can offer our neighborhood, including military discounts.


Children are playing in the streets and we must be mindful of their prescence when we drive to and from our homes.  As parents, we must remind our children to look out for traffic and to adhere to laying in yards and sidewalks.  Also, if a child or any other person should trespass into your yard and you are offended as a homeowner, please address this with your local authorities as this is not an HOA issue.


IF you should be walking your dog or letting it out front of your home, it should go without saying that you kindly and respectfully pick up your pets poop if it happens to make a deposit in your neighbors yard. Please be courteous of your neighbor's property.


Garbage is collected twice weekly (Monday/Thursday), residential trash (limbs, leaves, grass clippings) on Friday.  Have garbage out on earlier than 7:00am on scheduled days.  Putting your trash out early is unsightly and attracts wild animals and stray cats.  Additionally, we are still on the city's waiting list to receive the blue trash receptables for our neighborhood.  Hopefully, we will get them soon.


Your home is an investment and keeping your yards in prestine condition requires time and effort.  Yard appearance is one of the most noticeable aspects of our community's appearance; poorly maintained yards have the potential to significantly detract from our neighborhoods value.  Get ready to cut your grass, trim bushes/curbs, fertilize and lay weed control.  Don't be an eye sore for your neighbors!  Please refer to our new guidelines for your lawn care standards in our new covenant.


This is a constant probem and burdensome occurrence within our community.  If you have to park in the street for a temporary time, please refrain from parking in your neighbor's front yard and ensure you're not aligned of the opposite driveway.  You entered into a contractual agreement with our HOA to abide by it's covenants.  As your representative, we are required to enforce rules and legally obligated to do so as well... Please help us with observing our parking rules and first utilizing your garage, then your driveway before resorting to using the street. Also, at NO time whatsoever is parking on your grass permitted!  Remember: PARKING FINES of $25 will be issued to habitual offenders!


I droce around our neighborhood and observed several homes that were not in compliance with our HOA covenant. Our rules apply to EVERYONE living in BCR! The most commonly observed violation was satellite dishes.  Per the revised covenant, if your dish isn't on the side or rear of your roof, it needs to be either behind a privacy fence or properly hidden/disguised by landscaping.  Please make arrangements to adhere to this rule.  Our goal is to inform, correct, and serve you! If you need any assistance concerning the BCR HOA, please contact John or Leslie.

HOA Officers